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Everyday Cleaning Made Easy with Kivema'S Multi-Purpose Cloth Roll

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Kivema Multi-Purpose Household Wipe Roll Super Absorbent Cleaning Cloth.

It's time to toss those paper towels and rags, Kivema is here! Our multi-purpose cloths are gentle on your skin, so they're ideal for household use, but tough enough to tackle any mess.

With Kivema's washable cloths, you can stop spending money on paper products every week. And when you consider the environmental impact of a disposable wipe vs. a reusable cloth? It might just be the best decision you ever made!

Try Kivema now with our 100% risk free money back guarantee!
Spills and messes happen. They're annoying. But if you want to tackle these spills properly, you need some heavy duty tools.

But why use so many different types of cleaning materials when one will do? Our dish cloths are strong enough to clean even the toughest messes and absorb large amounts of oils, solvents, and moisture from any surface it touches. It's perfect for when cooking at home or in the kitchen with your loved ones. Plus, because it's made from 100% Viscose, it can be washed over and over again without worrying about fraying or breaking down!

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Everyday Cleaning Made Easy with Kivema'S Multi-Purpose Cloth Roll


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