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Natural and balanced rabbit food

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Beaphar Nature rabbit is a 100% natural and balanced food, does not contain cereals and has a high raw fiber content favoring the intestinal transit of your pet. Beaphar Nature rabbit is a heart-shaped pellet that guarantees a complete and balanced diet avoiding selective feeding and waste. The raw fiber structure strengthens the pellet and promotes natural wear of the teeth. Beaphar Nature rabbit is a natural 100% food without dyes or preservatives that provides the best nutrition for your pet.


By-products of plant origin (65% Timothy Hay, 10% herbal hay, 5% chicory, 0,2% inulin, 0,05% Yucca Schidigera, 0,01% grape seed extract), seeds, fruits (5% Apple), vegetable protein extracts, minerals, algae (0,01% spirulina powder).

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1 bag 1,25 kg or 3 kg.

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Natural and balanced rabbit food


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