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Outdoor Automatic Dog Water Fountain

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  • ENJOY WITH YOUR DOGEnjoy life with your dog, especially those who like to play with water, not only for daily drinking but also for a different kind of fun

  • We know clearly what your lovely friend really needs. We update our dog fountain all the time to make sure
  • your doggies keep healthy and have fun. You always keep a water bowl outside for your pet, but the water
  • never seems to stay clean for too long. With this adorable and clever doggy water fountain set up in your yard,
  • your dogs can stay refreshed with a nice fresh drink of water whenever they want one.This dog fountain with
  • a 40" hose so you can connect it directly to a tap. When your dog needsa drink, all he has to do is step on the
  • paw pad to activate a stream of fresh, cool water, ready to be lapped up. With the watersupply always running,
  • your dog will always have a cool drink ready to go.

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Outdoor Automatic Dog Water Fountain


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