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PETGS™ | Pet Food Dispenser

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Give your furry friends a tasty treat with our PETGS™ Treat Toy Tumbler - the perfect way to keep them entertained for hours! Simply fill the ball with their favorite snacks, choose the difficulty level, and watch as they try to get to their delicious reward! Made with durable, tangle-free material, our Retractable Dog Leash also features an easy-grip handle to ensure a comfortable and secure hold. Available in green or pink, this plastic leash measures 4 " x 4.8" and includes a built-in labyrinth device to prolong the food flowing time. With three air outlets on the top, your pet will quickly be drawn to the enticing food smell and eagerly chase the ball. Filling the ball is a breeze - just open the top and add in the treats of your choice. The adjustable barrier design allows you to control the speed at which the food is dispensed, making this an ultimate brain teaser for your pet. Perfect for when you are away from home.


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PETGS™ | Pet Food Dispenser


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