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Pets Magic UFO Ball

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The Pets Magic UFO Ball is the perfect way to give your pet hours of entertainment and plenty of exercise! Sporting a unique disc-ball design, you can throw it like a flying saucer and it will change back into a ball after a few seconds. Constructed with soft rubber material, the Pets Magic UFO Ball is tough enough to withstand rough play while being easy on your pet’s teeth and gums. It’s great for developing their athletic ability during playtime. Plus, it helps encourage mental stimulation as well! So if you're looking for an entertaining way to engage them physically and mentally, look no further than the Pets Magic UFO Ball – perfect for dogs of any age or breed.




Product Name: Magic UFO Ball
Material: Environmentally Friendly Plastic
Color: Blue, Red, Green, Pink
Ball Diameter: 16cm
Frisbee Diameter: 23cm
Weight: 214g

Package Listing
1× Deformed Flying UFO Ball

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Pets Magic UFO Ball


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