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250ml Highly Nutritious Fish Feed

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Item Type: Fish FoodFeature:Non-toxicWeight:50gCapacity:250mlFeatures:

1. This kind of fish feed is rich in nutrients, which is beneficial to the growth of fish, easy digestion and absorption, is not easy to pollute water quality, enhances the body color and immunity, and reduces the incidence of fish. It can also improve the reproductive rate of parent fish. It is a great feed for middle-upper ornamental fish.

2. Suitable for small tropical fish, seawater fish, and juvenile fish.

3. It is beneficial to juvenile fish, and it has balanced nutrition without the need for hatching and promoting growth. It is useful to increase the body color of juvenile fish.

4. Easy to feed, you just need to put it directly into the fish tank, 2-3 times a day.

5. Storage: sealed in a cool and dry place

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250ml Highly Nutritious Fish Feed


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