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Hanging Pet Cat Bed

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Product description

  • Cat Lounge Window Perch
  • This is our newest  cat hanging bed with wide beveled armrests designed to provide a relaxing lazy bed for cats, a expanded larger area that prevents them from rolling over and falling.
  • No Drilling, Quick Installation
  • Our Cat Window Perch does not need wall drilling, the installation steps are simple, the hook has a 6 inch adjustable distance for different wall thicknesses, usually only takes 10 minutes to complete the installation, there are also a felt gaskets between the supporting leg and the wall to protect the wall.
  • Multi-scenario Application, Doesn't Affect Curtain
  • Our Cat Window Perch can be easily installed in different scenes.   By adjusting the distance between the hook and the supporting leg, it can be easily installed on the windowsill, cabinet, drawer and even the back of the chair of different thickness.   Of course, it can also be easily removed without affecting you to close the curtain at night, space saving.
  • Wooden Frame Hold Up to 40 LB
  • Our Cat hanging bed has a multi-layer wooden plywood frame, high quality hardware, and can provide up to 40 pounds of load bearing.   The bed surface is a canvas with a color matching design, which is soft and fashionable.   Not easy to stick cat hair, also easy to remove for wash.
  • Super Load Bearing, No Suction Cup Drop Problem
  • Our cat bed structure design is stable, with super load bearing.   And unlike hammocks with suction cups, there is no danger of cups aging and falling.   Ours is more durable and safer.

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Hanging Pet Cat Bed


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